Welcome to the dedicated area for Travel Agents

Welcome to the login page of the Air Italy Web Trade System, the online reservation system created for travel agents. Easy to use, with all the functions that allow you to manage your clients requests in order to fly to the most beautiful Italian and foreign destinations.

• Commission: from 1 January 2016, 0% domestic flights and medium and long range international flights • Let your customers travel in comfort with purchase luggage and additional services
• Access to all ranges of Air Italy tariff • Customized reporting system
• User Friendly Layout • Archive Billing Fees
• IATA and not IATA Agencies can have access to the System • Full sales Management, administrator permission to enable employees to use the system and verify its productivity.
• Recall PNR (Passenger Name Record) • Flexible payment systems: You can request activation of RID (direct interbank ratio) * and/or pay directly by credit card
• Refunds and Changes tickets  

How to register?

Registering is simple and totally free. Just download the contract, fill it in its parts and send it to by e-mail at wts-support@airitaly.com.
You'll then be sent e-mail your Agency Code, the login and password to access the WTS.
Useful WTS "Web Trade System" numbers:

- Registration for WTS (sending the contract): by e-mail to wts-support@airitaly.com
- If you are already WTS Agency to adhere to the RID system is available in the downloadable documents appropriate information
- Information, special assistance, exchange rates and redemptions: Call Centre +39 0789 52682 .

To access the system and must enter the code Agency, user and password.

Discover Air Italy ADM policy

New safety standards for the WTS.

The WTS is compliant with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).